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I just joined this community earlier today, and thought I'd introduce myself. You can call me Blackbird. I'm seventeen, and I've been masturbating since around eighth grade. I don't really remember my first orgasm . . . I mean, it wasn't like BAM! or anything. Maybe they just sort of increased in force and I never really noticed. ::shrugs::
I'm not exactly the most sensitive person, either. It normally takes me a while to reach orgasm, and that can get pretty annoying, especially if I'm with someone else. No one else has ever gotten me off, though not for lack of trying, lol. Because of that, I've always had this sneaking suspicion that perhaps something is wrong with me, although I'm pretty sure that's just me being paranoid. :-)
I also got a vibrator from my friend Patrick for Christmas (God bless gay guys, they always seem to know the right gift!) I haven't had much time to really try it out more than a few times, but it's certainly a lot of fun. It has speed control . . . :-D
And now that I've tossed the tidbits of my most personal life out there for perfect strangers to read, I think I'll be going now.
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